Raymond’s areas of expertise cover the whole range of learning and leadership development, with an emphasis on personal learning and how it is linked to business strategy to deliver bottom line growth.

He has consulted with a range of clients eg Bank of China, BT, Coutts, Erste Bank, European Commission, Prudential, Texaco whilst at Cass Business School and held the post of Head of Learning for ABN AMRO and Lloyds Banking Group. He has also advised the Chinese Finance Ministry on curriculum reform and presented to the US Department of The Treasury on professional education and development of talent.

Raymond has consulted extensively at Board level, coaching senior leaders through large scale learning programmes.  Whilst at ABN AMRO, he led an International Consortium Programme for ABB, BHP Billiton, Boeing, Standard Bank, and Tata Group across three continents. He is experienced in designing and delivering large-scale leadership interventions (150 plus participants), as part of strategic and organisational change.  He is an advocate of line managers as faculty as he believes ‘leaders learn best by teaching' others.  Whilst Raymond has a range of skills in all aspects of learning and leadership development interventions, he is a strong advocate of action-based learning with a focus on delivering business results. 

He has published in the area of corporate university development and has been a member of the London Learning Skills Council.    His, well-received book, The Business of Ethics was published in 2016.  Raymond was the former CEO of the Asian Institute of Finance a think tank established by the central bank of Malaysia.

Raymond is a regular speaker at conferences in the area of corporate universities, talent development and is known for having coined ‘the talent game’ as a model to manage the expectations of Generation Y/Z and the baby boomers in the workplace. He is a strong advocate of inclusiveness and led the ICAEW Foundation, a fundraising effort to attract disadvantaged young people into the accountancy profession.

Raymond spends his time in London and Kuala Lumpur where he offers coaching to C suite executives who are committed to making a difference.  He is a coach for the Razak School of Government and a mentor for LeadWomen. 

He is currently a Fellow at the Seven Pillars Institute (USA) the world’s only independent think tank for research, education and promotion of financial ethics.